NCC - 86105
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Ship Adrift

Posted on Sun Aug 6th, 2017 @ 8:39pm by Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: No route to Coltar 4
Timeline: Day 30 15:20

James relaxed into the Captain’s chair, positioned in the centre of the bridge beside Akelia who was in the Executive officer's seat. He watched the bridge bustle about him. He had spent the morning reading reports and yet again talking with the maintenance crew about deck 9. This time the gravity net had failed completely leaving a family floating in the midst of the corridor.

It had been several days since the Livingstone had left Antos 4 Spaceport and he was glad to be back in space and looking forward to visiting Coltar 4. With the ship now cruising at warp 6, James had time to reflect. All seemed to be going well; the Pod had been changed without too much difficulty. The crew were performing well and his early misgivings about this command and its past now seemed to be fading into the distance.

He was brought back from his thoughts by a beep from the operations console a few meters in front of him. The crew member began typing on the console and turned to face James.

“There is a ship just in sensor range, according to the sensor echo’s she’s moving erratically and appears to be adrift.”
James turned to the communication console, but before he gave an order the crew member said “No reply on any frequency.”
This gave James a dilemma. A ship adrift meant there was a problem but no distress signal? Where were the crew? Incapacitated or even killed? He was on a mission, not a race against time, but an important task all the same. However as a Starfleet officer he had a responsibility to respond to distress calls but there was no distress call … why?
He made up his mind.

“How long to intercept?” He asked the helm. “10 minutes sir” Came a stout reply.

“Let’s check it out” James said. He then began to type onto the Padd attached to his chair.

James turned to Akelia “Take a section of Marines to the transporter. Once we get there and have some clear scans get across and see if there’s anything we can do to help.” She left the bridge already speaking to Tal.

James then began typing on his Padd connecting him through to the Fighter squadron.

“We’ll be dropping out of warp in a few minutes; I want fighter cover and put a few shuttles on standby.” James was unsure what to expect but he thought he would try to cover as many bases as possible.
“Transfer fighter control up to the bridge. “ With the ship drifting James thought there was probably an issue with the engines, so next he informed Lieutenant t’Riuurren of the situation.

It seemed only a few moments before the helm turned and said “Slowing to impulse Sir”

“Bring us to transporter range and mirror their course.” Ordered James.


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