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The Teelamy Cerms

Posted on Sat Aug 19th, 2017 @ 10:31am by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Commander Akelia Felnost & Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook & Lieutenant JG Dhael t’Riuurren & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea
Edited on on Sat Aug 19th, 2017 @ 12:40pm

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: On route to Coltar 4
Timeline: Day 30 15:30

Livingstone main bridge

Stevenson looked at the screen, in front of them was an Old D'Kora-class ship. “Magnify the port engine mount. “ The name Teelamy Cerms came in to view.

He turned to the Coms officer again. “Still no response sir”.

“Any life signs?” The Operation’s crew member replied, “No sir, the shields are down, however the ship has a breathable atmosphere and life support systems are operational” They paused “An escape pod is missing”.

“Sir” The communication spoke. Stevenson turned to face them “Yes?”
“I have run the ships ID name through the data base and she was commissioned a month ago.”

Stevenson looked at the screen, something was wrong, with large pieces of decay on the hull and damaged paint work she looked far from a month old.

Stevenson pressed his com badge “No1. Please teleport your team across and see what you can find.”

Akelia replied as she surveyed her team, "Aye sir. We'll start in Engineering and make our way forward. Akelia out." With that, the XO, Lt. t'Riuurren, a medical officer named Shiren and three marines began to energize over.

Pressing his badge again he then requested “Lieutenant S'uress please report to the bridge.”

Engineering, Teelamy Cerms

The team materialized in near darkness. It took a second for the flashlights to click on. Akelia sighed to herself at the state of the ship. She could feel the gravity plates wobbly holding them in place, but the motion of the ship was obvious. It was also obvious that the warp core was offline.

"Chief, see if you can't get the life support, lights, main computer and navigation thrusters online," she said though she doubted t'Riuurren would need the directions.

Motioning to the three marines she started to give out orders, "You, port side sweep from engineering to the bridge, priority one is the area around the launched escape pod. You, starboard sweep. You, lower level sweep, priority is storage. Medical, sweep the medbay and crew quarters. I'll be on the bridge stopping this lurching and retrieving files."

“Right away Lieutenant Commander Felnost” replied Dhael rather officiously; this was a new ship to her and she was secretly relieved to be teleported directly to Engineering.

Grabbing her tricorder and tool satchel Dhael headed towards the main console. Her fingers swept across the available buttons, far fewer than she was used to! The ship was powering intermittently but she needed to find a way to boost this.

Dhael had heard that these ships were fitted with an embedded but detachable ship and she was curious to know how much of this smaller ship’s power was intact.

“Commander Felnost” Dhael called out “To increase power to the ships systems I need to investigate the energy output from the auxiliary craft” Dhael conceded that the auxiliary craft’s berthing slot may be empty. Dhael then buzzed to Commander Stevenson, ”Sir, requesting engineering crew to be beamed aboard”.

Zambesi Squadron, maintenance bay, USS Livingstone

Eric was pulling isolinear chips from the confined space of a Broadsword’s sensor suite in preparation for hanging an increased sensor suite in the cockpit, when his communicator attached to the underside of his shirt cuff chirped. Eric wedged a shoulder against the housing and reached in to tap it.

“Fighter Ops, O’Shea reporting.”

“We’ll be dropping out of warp in a few minutes; I want fighter cover and put a few shuttles on standby.”

“Aye aye, Captain. We’re on it.” Eric immediately began worming his way out of the access hatch he’d crammed himself into and lowered himself to the deck, only losing a bit of skin as he got his shoulders free.

“Transfer fighter control up to the bridge.”

“Yes sir,” Eric acknowledged. Retrieving his uniform tunic and settling the com badge back to it’s traditional place, Eric then looked up and nodded in satisfaction. The Captain’s call had came in on the general channel and it had galvanized the crew to action. Around him, techs were scurrying like ants as the lights came up fully in the bay.

Eric tapped his comm again and issued the necessary orders. “Stand by to launch the alert five and begin spooling up Beta flight. SAR flights, stand-to.” Eric watched for a few beats, then headed for the exit. “I’ll be on the bridge.”

Livingstone main bridge

He got notification that the alert flight had launched while he was in the tubolift and telemetry was streaming by the time he had taken a seat at the ops station. Unless there was a direct threat, the fighters were set to a spiraling sphere pattern which orbited the Livingstone in increasing range out to 50,000 kilometers. Eric split his screen and pulled up the ships sensor readings and set a sub-routine to comparing the two feeds.

After the flight had finished the initial sphere of coverage, Eric turned slightly, “Beta flight and four SAR birds are ready to launch as needed Captain. No anomalies detected so far. Alpha flight will reach normal patrol radius in ten minutes.”

Eric turned back and began browsing the sensor data of the Ferengi ship, wondering how she had ended up here.

Stevenson looked across the bridge at Eric "Nothing?" He turned to look at the ship on the screen again.

"Confirmed sir, no temporal anomalies present." The operations crewman said.

James's train of thought was interrupted by Dhael asking for her engineering crew. "Yes Dhael, permission granted"

Engineering, Teelamy Cerms

The EPS conduits of the engine of the D'Kora-class ship had blown out. Dhael could only surmise that the ships last warp drive journey had burst the warp coils; making it impossible to reactivate warp speed acceleration. However, as the operational systems of the ship were now being engineered back to life there was hope, nevertheless, the ship would still require an additional power surge. Dhael reasoned that the fusion reactors in the auxiliary craft could help boost the engines of the main ship.

Of the four engineers beamed down, Dhael instructed two of them that they were to be teleported onto a smaller craft attached to the underside of the vessel. Dhael had managed to fix the teleport system temporarily to enable on-board transfer only.

After ten minutes work Dhael pressed her comms badge “Commander Stevenson, on board systems now stabilised, additional power is currently being sourced from the ships own auxiliary craft”.

Main Bridge, Teelamy Cerms

Akelia had been making her way forward to bridge. It was slow going as every door needed to be manually overridden. She had gotten to the bridge a few moments before lights went back on. The small size of it cast shadows in funny ways. But with the lights on, she could see how much space was missing compared to a Federation ship. Though Ferengi were smaller, she had not imagined this level of premium of space.

Then again, premium was a good word for Ferengi. Reports were trickling in through the commlinks by the search details. Medical, thriftily but fully stocked. Cargo holds, fully laiden and secured. Even here, things were secure.

Like all the other places, no signs of phaser or disruptor fire. Everything looked in order even if only old. The stale air in this room bothered her nose and the signs of dust and mold told her that it was an older ship.

"I'm on the bridge, and attempting to stabilize her flight" she announced through communications as she moved to the navigators console. She had a rudimentary knowledge of Ferengi navigation as a long time ago, she had been on their ship during an operation. Tapping the console brought the HUDD up. She frowned and her antenna furrowed the a look of bewilderment joined the frown.

"Captain, with main sensors still offline, I am unable to stabilize our pitch. In fact, according to this display, this ship has never registered a navigational reading from either the sensors nor the main core," she said.

Livingstone main bridge

Stevenson listened to the first officer’s report. He was startled to hear that there were no navigational records, but also he realised that they would have to stabilize the ships pitch.

He pressed his com badge. Dhael “See if it’s possible to fire the manoeuvring thrusters from engineering to control the pitch, if so we can hold the ship with our tractor beam and bring her under our shilds.”

He then paused before following this instruction with “Akelia if you can open the main computer so we could tap into it from here and let Intelligence poke around and see if they can find anything. Also I’m sending Tal across with a section of marines to give the ship a thorough search. There must be some clue as to how and why she’s here.”

Eric actived the contact in his eye and expanded the sensor data that the Livingstone’s systems were recording in a 3D display over his console. With a couple waves of his hand he had the telemetry from the forward arrays flowing like a river in front of him.

He looked at the information flowing before him and thought, trying to not think like an engineering chief.

It wasn’t his place.

“Captain, I’d like permission to launch Beta flight and extend the patrol sphere if we’re going to be here for a while; that’s a lot of space to cover.”

Then, he couldn’t help himself.

“Sir, it’s probably not my place to say. I know the chief engineer is busy but another idea might be to try and pull diagnostic information off of the warp core and their impulse drives to see how many hours have been logged on them, that might give us at least something. I could go lend a hand since it doesn’t look like we have any inbound threats.”

Stevenson quickly thought through the suggestions, "Yes to both of those. Get yourself across there and see what you can find."

Engineering, Teelamy Cerms

On the Commander’s instruction Dhael attempted to reduce the ship’s pitch through the console but she was beginning to realise that the thrusters were only going to respond manually. The ship’s pitch was at a critical angle, Dhael ignited the manoeuvring thrusters by hand; this was going to need all her strength, she wedged her foot at the base of the console and leant back, placing all her weight on the lever. This released a burst of energy through the thrusters and the ship’s pitch began to level out; at last the ship was no longer moving in space. However, as Eric approached from behind Dhael caught sight of an electrical fire from the base of the handle, she released her grip and involuntarily screamed as the burning pain ripped through her arm.

Dhael knew she was losing consciousness and as the transporter waves wrapped around her, Eric pressed her coms badge “Medical emergency, one to beam to sick bay”.


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