NCC - 86105
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Medical Arrival

Posted on Wed Aug 9th, 2017 @ 12:19am by Lieutenant Rolvek

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Antos 4 Spaceport
Timeline: Awaiting USS Livingstone arrival at Antos 4

Lieutenant Rolvek had not long shuttled to Antos 4 from Vulcan, after taking a few weeks shore leave before starting his new assignment.

Rolvek had arrived a few hours ahead of the Livingstone and in this time he had sat alone in a quiet corner of the stations Canteen, maintaining a bolt upright position in his posture. He held a Padd in his hand which he would routinely tap in order to continue reading. Already he had finished 2 Medical Journals and a scientific study on type 4 Nebula, and was now ready to move onto the next piece of informative text.

Rolvek instead of loading up the next study on his to read list, tapped a small button at the top of the screen to reveal the time, from this he could ascertain that he had about another half hour before the Livingstone would arrive, and that he therefore had time to satisfy his need for food.

He stood up maintaining a straight back, which made him look a little robotic, placed the padd down on the table and headed for the nearest replicator. "Nutritional supplement 5" he announced in a voice that sounded as if the computer had adopted a male voice and was ordering from itself.

Instantly the Replicator chirped and lit up in a blue haze. As the haze lifted it revealed a small bowl of what seemed to be soup, except there was no real smell, and anyone who was to taste it would find little in the way of flavour. He made his way steadily back to his table setting the bowl down, he lifted a spoon in his left hand, and picked his padd back up in his right.

Rolvek found it logical to use every scrap of time he had to his advantage, and he wasn't going to let a small thing like eating get in the way of his study.

Time had drifted past and Rolvek had long since finished the contents of his bowl, which he had already cleared away. An announcement came over the stations Announcement system, "USS Livingstone has arrived at Docking Port 3". If Rolvek were human this may have drawn up a well of emotions, maybe a mix of excitement and nerves. But Rolvek being Vulcan had long since surpassed such emotion and simply stood up keeping a perfectly straight and emotionless face.

As he made his way to the Docking Port where he would start his new position, there seemed to be more uniformed officers coming away from the ship than there were going toward it. Rolvek knew only too well that it was in the nature of most other species to escape from their posts at every given opportunity, and this reasoning satisfied any curiosity he had.

Finally he reached the airlock and stepped through casually. It was time for the pleasantries of meeting and greeting the crew manning the airlock and announcing his arrival. A process he found to be unnecessary. He looked a young human ensign who was standing ahead of him to welcome him aboard directly in the eye.

"Lieutenant Rolvek, chief medical officer reporting for duty" The ensign ahead of him tapped away at his own padd to find Rolvek's name on the manifest. "Good to have you aboard sir, we don't actually require you for another..." Rolvek interrupted before the ensign could finish, "I think it wise to familiarise myself with my work station before starting official duty."

Rolvek gestured the ensign out of his path and headed for the nearest turbo lift. "Sickbay" he ordered in his usual mono-tone, and in an instant the turbo lift and strung into life.


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