NCC - 86105
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Pilot’s Physical

Posted on Mon Aug 21st, 2017 @ 10:19pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Day 29 10:45

James made his way down the the sick bay. It was time for his yearly medical. Although technically he was no longer a fighter pilot he liked to keep this status up. So he completed his hours in the sims and occasionally would fly a sortie. James reflected that this would give him time to meet the new medical officer.

Doctor Rolvek was sat at his desk in his office. Sickbay had been quiet since he had been aboard and so far the only patient he had, had needed his arm resetting after having fallen off of his chair at a bar in spacedock.

Rolvek had decided to use this time familiarising himself with the crews medical records, he thought this the best use of time for a new Medical officer. The sound of the door in the adjoining sickbay alerted him to the presence of another crew member, and he looked up toward the opening in anticipation of someone approaching.

James strode in to the medical bay, with the doors politely closing behind him James walked in to the ante room attached and saw Lieutenant Rolvek at his desk.

“Good morning” James said hand held out his hand for the Vulcan to shake.

Ignoring the offer of a hand all together the Vulcan doctor simply returned the greeting "Good Morning, Captain"

“Welcome to the Livingstone” James paused “Sorry not to have caught up with you sooner but I’ve been overseeing the change in pods.”

"A ships captain must always focus on the mission at hand." Came emotionless reply. "However ship records show you are over due for your duty medical, as well as your requested fighter pilot medical, should we proceed in completing both now?"

James smil1ed to himself, it did not matter to how many Vaulcans he had served with, their Impassive nature all ways caught him out.

"Ok, let's do both." James said as he sat on to the nearest Bio bed.

James felt uncomfortable, he knew as this man's commandeer he wanted to chat to him to get to know him however small talk with a Vaulcan was never easy.

Rolvek stood from his desk and imdietly walked to a nearby storage cupboard to retrieve a medical tricorder. He proceeded to the biobed and started scanning silently for a few seconds before speaking. "Do you partake in regular exercise?"

"Yes" replied James. " I have a holodeck novel." James said excitedly "It's of the Aston Villa double winning season of 1896, 97." James looked back at the passive face of the doctor. "Football in the Earth provence of England." He then calmed a little "I also walk 30 minutes to work, round the ship."

"Very good" said the monotone Vulcan continuing to scan his patient a moment longer before lowering his hand. "Please, lay down". Ordinarily manners were not a part of Vulcan communication, but Rolvek had learnt that humans often took offence of their absence.

James lay on the bed, listening to the tone of the scanner. Hoping not to here the low bleep of a problem. "Bent bleep" The pilots in his old squadron had called it, trying to make light of what could be a medical issue that would see you grounded.

No such bleep sounded, and after a few minutes Rolvek was lowering his arm to stand down his scan. "Follow me", Commander the words that came out of the vulcans mouth may as well have been from a robot out of a 20th century sci-fi.

With the first part of the medical terminated James followed Rolvek to the next test.

Rolvek proceeded to lead his commanding officer through to an adjoining room where a treadmill stood. "Use the treadmill at your own pace, I will be accessing vital signs, whilst your body is under the strain of running."

James stepped onto the machine and gradually increased his pace in line with the treadmill. His holo program demanded a large amount of running so he was able to keep pace for some time before he felt his sweat dripping down his forehead.

All the while Rolvek had been montitoring from a nearby console. Ten minutes past before either of them spoke again.

"That will be enough Commander, it seems you have passed both physicals. However I would suggest optimising your breathing tecquniqe".

James with sweat dripping down his reddened face and gasping for breath just nodded in reply.

"I am curious" Rolvek started again "why is it you keep your Fighter Pilot Manditory Assessment up to date?"

Jame who was trying to recover his breath wiped his face with a towel.
"I have always been pilot ether racers or fighters," he thought for a second and said with a smile "May be I don't want to give that up."

"You must be aware that as Commanding Officer, you can not go on a fighter patrol" Rolvek felt that he would have to back up his comment, "Star Fleet regulation clearly states that no commanding officer should be put in to unnesisary risk. So as I assume you are not going to use your Pilots mandate I find it illogical to keep said mandate live."

Rolvek knew already that it was within human nature to hold on to things that maybe they should have let go. But as he thought there was a risk of his Commander breaking regulations, he thought it was his place to address this.

James looked at Rolvek, "Thank you for pointing that out." James said with a nod. "However the risk of a patrol can only be assessed accurately while on the patrol, therefore logically I would need to be on the patrol to see if it constituted unnecessary risk". James knew he was being flippant with his answer. "Well with that fished I'm going to get a shower." Halfway to the door James turned and said warmly "Welcome aboard" and left the sickbay.

Rolvek's right eyebrow lifted as he watched the Commander leave the room, before swiftly turning to return to his desk.


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