NCC - 86105
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The Science Officer

Posted on Sat Aug 19th, 2017 @ 1:14pm by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Transporter pad
Timeline: Day 27 15:30

The first thing Jonathan noticed upon beaming aboard the Livingstone was the smiling face of the Transporter Chief.

"Welcome aboard sir."

"Thank you chief." he said as he stepped off the transporter pad with his dog Winston at his side. He walked over to the chiefs console and extended his hand.

"Chief Science Officer Jonathan Westbrook. It's a pleasure to make your acquaintance. I've only heard good things about the Livingstone"

The chief firmly grasped his hand and smiled. "Thank you sir, we're quite proud of her. Transporter Chief Kojii Nakamura here."

Kojii looked down and acknowledged the dogs presence for the first time.

"That's quite the dog you have sir. What's his name? I had a couple of German Shepherd dogs myself growing up." He leaned over slightly to pat the dog on the head. Winston responded with a quick lick on the hand.

"This is Winston chief. You'll be seeing a lot of him around here."

"Looking forward to it sir. Your things have been beamed to your quarters. Will you guys be able to find your way there?"

"Thank you Kojii. Yes, I think we'll be alright. We should get out and explore the ship a bit anyways before my meeting with the captain."

"Excellent sir. " With that, the Kojii turned and made his way to an open access panel.

Jonathan gently tugged at Winston's leash, and they walked towards the transporter room doors. They parted before them and together they stepped through the threshold. Once they were clear of it, Jonathan looked down the corridor, and then down at Winston.

"Probably should have studied the ship's schematics a little bit more eh boy?" Winston tilted his head.

"Well. Let's ask the computer where we're supposed to find our quarters."

Westbrook lifted his eyes toward the ceiling of the corridor.

"Computer, this is Chief Science Officer Jonathan Westbrook. Can you direct me to my quarters please."

The computer responded immediately.

"Please follow the illuminated panels to your quarters."

Jonathan noticed that the first illuminated panel was across from him, and that red illuminated panels traveled down the length of the corridor, presumably towards their destination.

"Thanks computer."

Jonathan began to guide Winston down the corridor, illuminated by the soft red glow of the panels.

"If everyone is helpful and friendly like the computer and Nakamura" Jonathan thought to himself, "this job will be alright."

Jonathan and Winston finally arrived at their quarters. The trip took a longer than Jonathan expected, because a few people slowed down to introduce themselves and to pet Winston.

"Well Winston, here we are." They stepped through the doors and into their new home.

The first thing Jonathan noticed was how spacious and luxurious it was inside. Maybe it wasn't considered as such for everyone coming over to this ship for the first time, but his quarters had been quite small on the USS Billings, and he was looking forward to having more room for his things.

He glanced at the boxes stacked against the far wall near the window. He mentally counted each one and to his relief, each one was there. He would hate to lose his diaries or his pictures, because they were important to him. The pictures of his family were important to him, because even though he did not always get along with them, they reminded him of Earth, and he would never forget where he came from. Not even in the vast emptiness of space.

"Ok Winston, you go explore a bit. I've got a meeting with the captain in 20 minutes."

He snapped off the dogs leash. Winston was finally able to run around a bit, and he did so, making quick stops in order to to sniff everything.

Making his way to the food replicator, Jonathan ordered something to eat for Winston. Winston hadn't eaten for a while now, and while he must have been famished, Winston sniffed his dog food and then turned his eyes suspiciously towards his master.

"I'm sorry boy." Jonathan said as he rubbed Winston behind the ears. "I don't have time to program your regular stuff into the food replicator right now, I'm going to be late for my first meeting with the captain if I don't hurry."

Jonathan hurried into the bathroom for a sonic shower.

Jonathan hurried out of his quarters, after a quick sonic shower and changing into a crisp new uniform, for his first face to face meeting with the captain. He wanted everything to go right on his first day as Chief Science Officer.

His parents always had high expectations for him, but they had expected him to stay on Earth close to them and his brother. In a way, while he liked being reminded of home occasionally, it felt good to be away from his family. He was his own person out here, seeking out adventure and exploring space.

He felt that his parents were always comparing him to his older brother Parker, and nothing he could ever do would satisfy them. In a way, they always blamed him for his younger brothers death, even though it was clearly an accident. He would have to live with the guilt for the rest of his life, and he hated that.

He entered the turbolift.

"Computer, where is the captain located?"

"The captain," said the computer, "is located on the bridge."

Jonathan exhaled noticeably. He was pretty nervous.

"Thank you, take me to the bridge."

The turbolift hummed to life. Jonathan was happy about this posting, but incredibly nervous too. He believed that he was closer to his ultimate goal, which was being in command of his own ship, travelling the universe and making discoveries. He wanted the recognition that came with them, and the rush one felt when discovering something new.

The turbolift came to a stop.

"Well here we are," thought Jonathan.

And for the first time, he stepped onto the bridge of the USS Livingstone.


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