NCC - 86105
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Romulan down

Posted on Sat Aug 19th, 2017 @ 10:39am by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea
Edited on on Sat Aug 19th, 2017 @ 10:45am

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Livingstone main bridge
Timeline: Day 30 15:46


“Aye aye, Captain”, Eric grinned as he activated the ships intercom. “Beta Flight, you’re cleared for launch. Take up standard patrol vectors and keep your eyes open. Launch Bay, get Gamma flight prepped to standby.”

A small screen showed the bay and the two fighters on alert move forward. Behind them, a half meter thick part of the deck swiveled up to serve as a blast shield and temporary forcefields flickered into place as both shuttles launched at full power from the Livingstone’s bay.

Eric tapped a call button, summoning a replacement for his ops station and stood. He stood and took one last look at the readouts coming in before moving to the turbo lift, nodding to the Livingstone’s science officer as he passed.

The ride to transporter room 1 was fairly short and it only took a moment to pickup a tricorder, away team engineering kit and a type two phaser. He stepped up on the platform and stood on one of the focus discs. “Transport me over to the Ferengi ship: engineering bay.”

“Yes Lt,” the transporter chief acknowledged, making some corrections to her board.

“Energize, when you’re ready chief.” Eric ordered, as she touched the controls and he was wrapped in the familiar swirling lights of a transporter beam. It was familiar and disconcerting at the same time. It always felt like shivers running all over his body.


His vision cleared a second later and he was in the strange environs of the Teelamy Cerms. Almost the moment he arrived. Eric saw an explosion from an engineering console and Dheal fell back. He quickly pressed her com badge sending her to sick bay.

He activated his contact and pulled out the tricorder, running a few scans until he found the drive section. He eased into it, not having worked on systems like this before. He slowly wandered over to a console and let the telemetry render a blueprint. Setting the tricorder down, he cracked the tool kit he brought with and began examining the access panel he’d found.

It took him nearly ten minutes to hack into and sort through the relevant sub-routines. and another ten to pull up the engineering data he was after. Apparently, the Ferengi were touchy about who had access to what and nearly everything required a chief engineers direct approval.

The basic information he was looking for finally appeared and he straightened, looking around the engineering bay. “What were they playing at?” he murmured to himself. Then he tapped his com badge and called out.

“Lt. O’Shea to Livingstone. Captain, I found the engine logs I was looking for. It looks like the Teelamy Cerms is older than she looks, Captain. The diagnostics show she’s a 30 year old refit, but she’s twice that old. Recently, probably within the last week to ten days she had a warp core modification or upgrade. Not long after, it kicked into a massive warp burst. That’s how she ended up here. From where, I don’t know. We may want to keep her warp drive off line until we know more to avoid it happening again.”


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