NCC - 86105
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The Burned Arm

Posted on Mon Aug 28th, 2017 @ 10:50pm by Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant JG Dhael t’Riuurren

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Sick Bay
Timeline: Day 30 15.43

Dhael could feel the haze of the transporter waves clearing. She felt the coldness of the floor underneath her but made no attempt to move. She had arrived in the Triage area of Sick Bay, an altogether unfamiliar environment and could just about see the foggy outline of an approaching figure.

It was Rolvek, the ships new chief medical officer, who was approaching Dhael at an increased pace. By the time Rolvek had come level he had already made a diagnosis and grabbed the attention of a nearby nurse. "Could you assist me in getting the patient onto a bio bed."

Although Rolvek's actions had an air of urgency about them, the same could not be detected in his voice or in his face. The same could not be said for the paniced nurse he had just beconed, who was already helping to lift Dhael onto a nearby bed.

Rolvek seemed to be ignoring the fact that his patient was a person at all and worked as if he were an engineer, repairing a damaged console. "Dermal regenerator" he ordered, and within seconds he had received it.

Beginning to hover the activated regenerator over Dhael's arm the doctor spoke again in his usual cool and emotionless voice. "The patient appears to be in shock, 10cc's of quartrezene."

The nurse hurried away and in seconds returned with a hypospray, handing it to the Vulcan medical chief, who quickly pushed it to Dhael's neck.

Dhael's body responded immediately, she jerked upright, then felt herself pushed back, her arms held a little too tightly. Her brain was fighting to compute the situation and when her eyes rested on the Vulcan to her left she knew death was imminent; the nurse also knew it ... overcome with paranoia and fear for her life Dhael struggled violently letting out an ear piercing scream ...

Rolvek acted instantly, as if this were just a normal part of the job. Holding Dhael down to the table he spoke over her in the softest voice possible of an emotionless Vulcan. "Lieutenant, you are in sickbay, there is no need for alarm."

All the while he was holding her down by her arms. The nurse who was now covering her ears due to the shriek let out by the romulan in front of them, had changed their fearful face for a puzzled one. She had never seen a reaction like this, up until the doctor spoke, she had assumed she'd loaded the wrong hypospray.

Dhael blinked rapidly, her breathing fast and shallow … “… no … need … for … alarm” the words were softly spoken but out of reach, in fact the world around seemed out of reach. The scream had used her last reserves of energy and she felt her body surrender to its fate.

Rolvek could see life leaving his patient. He reached for his tricorder to measure her vitals. "Start a course of synthesised andrenaline, without hesitation" he ordered the nurse who instantly went from a state of hopeless onlook to action. The nurse quickly set up equipment in order to produce a steady flow of andrenaline in the hopes that Dhaels body wouldn't simply 'give up'.

Meanwhile Rolvek continued to watch Dhaels vitals on the tricorder. Slowly they were decreasing, Rolvek knew he was just seconds away from losing his patient now.

The seconds ticked by slowly … Dhael stirred at the sharp pain of the prick of the adrenaline and winced. As her eyelids opened she gradually focused on the world around her and her gaze came to rest on the Medical Officer. Dhael held his steady stare unable to decipher his thoughts. Her body felt leaden but she was able to move her extremities and her burned arm came into sharp focus as she became more aware of her surroundings. This Vulcan had saved her life …


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