NCC - 86105
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Posted on Sat Aug 19th, 2017 @ 12:58pm by Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Day 30
Timeline: Day 30 16:25

Stevenson sat back in his chair resisting the urge to start pacing the bridge. He looked at his watch, an hour ago they had altered course, now he had a crew member in sick bay and a D’Kora-class ship, the Teelamy Cerms, under the Livingstone’s shields.

Bringing the ship in had been easy, once Dhael had been able to stop the ship pitching, however the engine had overheated during the poses and she had been caught in the explosion. Luckily Lieutenant O'Shea had arrived in Engineering to evaluate the warp core just in time. Now he was in the not too comfortable position of having a Vulcan treat a Romulan.

With the Teelamy Cerms stationary in space the Livingstone had used its tractor beam to bring her under the shields. The camera feed to the main screen had been switch from front facing to the underside starboard array and Stevenson contemplated the vessel that hung there.

The Teelamy Cerms, there were several questions that needed answering. Why was she here and how did she get here? Stevenson thought over what he knew, there had been some type of overload in the warp coils, deliberate or accidental? She was only registered in the last month, however, she appeared to be a lot older, at least 60 years according to the use of the engines. The were no temporal readings from the Livingstone’s sensors so she had not be involved in any form of time travel . She certainly looked that old and the main computer was not giving over many clues. Had it been damage ether by sabotage or by a power over load? One of the other questions that was bothering Stevenson was what was the fate that had befallen the crew? Presumably in the missing escape pod. Scans of the area could not find any trace of this and this class of vessel had a crew of 450 although, like Starfleet vessels, they were fully automated. Why would they not escape in the support vessel? As this was completely serviceable and at the current time powering the essential systems of the Teelamy Cerms.
Stevenson needed to inform Starfleet and the Ferengi government what they had come across but first he wanted answers. He pulled up the communication panel on his chair.

“Akelia keep searching the vessel for any clues about this ship.” He turned to the large figure of Lieutenant Cabon. “Jon she’ll need a hand with that so give her what assistance she requires.”

Stevenson then altered the settings on his communicator.
“Good work with the engines Eric. Now please could you see whether you can get the warp core back functioning again. That’ll give you power. Dhael will be out of action for some time so you’ll have to go it alone, but I’ll put Engineering at your disposal.”

Stevenson knew that there would be data coming in from sensors and now the immediate emergency was out of the way this would need analysing.

“Lieutenant Westbrook, report to the bridge”


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