NCC - 86105
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Posted on Tue Aug 22nd, 2017 @ 3:18am by Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Jonathan Westbrooks Quarters

"Incoming transmission from Earth."

The computers voice startled Westbrook from his nap on the couch, and it took a moment for him to collect himself.

"Incoming transmission from Earth."

Westbrook stood up, but not too quickly. He didn't want to wake up Winston, whose head had been resting on his lap. Winston only briefly opened his eyes before closing them again.

"Computer, put it through please."

He smoothed his shirt and hair and then he sat down at his desk across from the computer.

It was his mother.

"Damn it I should have finished that letter."

He pressed a button on the computer, and the smiling face of his mother was on the screen a moment later.

"Jonathan! It's so good to see you, how are you?"

"I'm fine mom, I was just working on the duty roster for the science department next week." He didn't want to tell her that he had been exhausted after dealing with the problems they were having in stellar cartography, and when he had gotten home from work, he immediately fell asleep on the couch. "How are you and dad doing?"

"We're doing well Jon. You're father isn't here right now, he's at the science symposium this weekend. He was so excited, he doesn't get a chance to go back to the University very often." Her smile disappeared, and it was replaced by a worried look.

"You promised to call or write as soon as you got on board the Livingstone."

Jonathan sighed audibly.

"I know mom. I'm pretty busy right now. I haven't had the chance to sit down for more than 5 minutes. I've got duty rosters to post for next week, and Chambers and Dawson want me to ask the captain about time with the sensor array, they've been going on about getting readings from the Himiko Cloud."

"That's nice dear. We miss you here though. We're really disappointed that you can't be closer to home. Alexander talks about you all the time." Jonathan couldn't help but smile at that.

"There's your father too."

"Is there something wrong with dad?"

"He's in perfect health Jonathan. It's just..well, he is getting older, and he regrets missing out on parts of your childhood, and your brother Parker's childhood too. He realizes he spent a good portion of your younger years stuck in a lab looking into a microscope."

Jonathan grew up wishing his father was around more. Yes it was nice to have a famous father, but the benefits were outweighed by things like missed birthday parties, baseball games and graduations. He would have traded in his fathers position in the scientific community for the chance to go fishing with him a few times.

"The next time I'm home I'll take him out on the lake if he's got the time. Promise."

"Thank you. Do you know when you'll be home next? Milayah Boyd's daughter was asking about you. Do you remember her?"

Jonathan had to think for a moment. Milayah Boyd? One of mom's bridge playing friends. Jonathan didn't even know Mrs. Boyd had a daughter. He had never taken the time to engage her in conversation when he was back on Earth and Mrs. Boyd was at the house for the weekly bridge game her mother played with her friends. Nothing more than a cursory hello.

"I remember Mrs. Boyd, I don't remember her mentioning anything about her daughter though."

"Well her name is Maggie. She's working on an underwater research project in the Mediterranean Sea, but her time there is up in 3 weeks. She's thinking about settling here again, and I was thinking when you were home next time you could say hello."


"I'll tell her you said hi."

Jonathan sighed heavily. "Mom I should be going. I haven't eaten dinner yet, and I've got to get to those duty rosters before bed."

"Alright Jonathan, please take care of yourself. I worry about you out there."

"I will mom. Say hi to dad for me, and the rest of the family too. I miss them all."

"We know, and we miss you too."



Jonathan turned off his computer and rubbed his eyes. He really did love his family, even though they drove him crazy sometimes. And this thing with Maggie Boyd. Here he was, millions of kilometers from home, and the last thing he needed with everything going on here was a romantic entanglement back on Earth.

Winston had moved to the bed while Jonathan was talking to his mother. Jonathan climbed in beside him and closed his eyes to sleep.


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