NCC - 86105
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Under the hood

Posted on Sat Aug 26th, 2017 @ 8:27am by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Teelamy Cerms

As Dael’s form beamed out, Eric stood and tried to clear his head. That took a moment, then he shook himself and pulled off his tunic and pushed up the sleeves and looked over the engine bay. Between Star Fleet records and the sensor sweep he’d been running since arrival, things were making more sense. He’d studied drive systems for a lot of years and when you boiled it down, there were only so many ways to make a starship go.

He began feeding commands through the Universal Translator and his hacking program to run diagnostics. A level three diagnostic would take a few hours. They still didn’t know exactly what had brought her here, and someone would need to run level one diagnostics on the critical systems before they pushed things too hard. So far though, everything looked like it wanted to work.


Stepping over to the regulating chamber, it took only a few moments to assure himself that everything there should be stable. Checking the fuel levels, he wasn’t surprised to see really low levels. Theoretically, the feeds to the engine should be fine.

To be sure, he redirected one of the engineers to checking the transfer system. The others he left at the tasks Dhael had set them. He traced the power output feeds and found one blown module right off the bat. Scowling, he moved over to a crawl space and pulled the access cover off, then pulled off the cover to three more such spaces and sighed.

It was going to be a long day. Tapping his communicator, he said “O’Shea to Engineering, send over two more damage control teams and pick your smallest personnel, access space is at a premium on this tub.”

Turning to the engineer nearest him, a big Sodeskeyan who looked slightly silly as he tried to work at one of the Ferengi stations. His contact identified the bear as Alechi Tovochee and Eric caught his eye by waving then grinned. “Tovochee, when that other team gets here get people into the crawl spaces. I want them to triage these systems, get parts ordered and move on. Once we’re a third of the way through or so, we’ll order up another team to get in there and swap out anything that needs fixing.”

The bear nodded and smiled back, “Of course, Lieutenant, and should I continue trying to recalibrate this collector system?” Eric nodded and began pulling assembling the creeper unit from his kit. “Yep. The Ferengi use Bussard collectors to fuel this ship and we’re going to need to have that system working. In addition, work out how to modify it for a direct power flow transfer without making too much extra work to put it back the way we find it.”

The bear nodded as Eric set the creeper up and crawled into the first access tube and stretched out. He activated the antigrav and shifted his feet gliding down the tube like he was flying. The creeper kept him in the center of the tube and he drifted up to the first junction box. He pulled a tool from the creeper’s tray and popped off the cover.

He repeated the procedure nearly forty times over the next ninety minutes before he paused, got an update from Tovochee. His theory was proving sound enough to report and he tapped his communicator.

“O’Shea to Captain Stevenson. Sir, it looks like the warp burst drained the power reserves and fried the output feeds which weren’t build to handle that kind of stress. I’ve got teams mapping damaged systems, building replacement parts and repairing as we speak. If we can effect a power transfer from the Livingstone to the Teelamy Cerms, it should jump start main power. I haven’t looked at the refinery system, but I would guess eight hours after that and there would be plenty of fuel to get her where ever she needs to go.”


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