NCC - 86105
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Posted on Tue Aug 22nd, 2017 @ 6:41pm by Lieutenant Rolvek

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Ten Forward
Timeline: Day 29 15.03

Rolvek having completed several hours duty in sickbay had decided Ten Forward may be a good place for study. He didn't have reading in mind though. Instead he was here to study the behaviour of the crew, in order to determine any potential health risks they may be putting themselves through.

Approaching the bar a plump lady with long curls, who could have been easily mistaken as human spoke from behind it: "Not often you find a Vulcan at a bar."

With these words filling Rolveks long pointy ears his right eye brow twitches up slightly, before he ignored the remark and went on to order "A water please." The barmaid shocked at the order reminds herself that she is dealing with a Vulcan before walking away to return seconds later with a tall glass of water.

upon receiving the water Rolvek gives a small nod before walking away to find a seat in a dicreet corner. Here he sits nursing his drink and watching the goings on around him.

Within 5 minutes he had started tapping away at a padd taking notes. He had noted a Bajoran who obviously had a liking for synthahol, a relationship between a Betazoid male and a Trill female which he thought would be worth reporting to the ships counsellor, as he was aware of a joined female trill aboard and the issues that this can cause in Cross species relationships.

It wasn't long before he witnessed a heated desucssion between a couple of human marines. They were having a difference of opinion on who would be able to fly a fighter closest to a planet without pulling out. This was a huge cause for concern to Rolvek and immediately he left his water behind to address them.

"Gentlemen, I couldn't help but overhear that you are planning on a dangerous manuver aboard a fighter" Rolvek was stood bolt upright as if he were lording over them. Stumped by the audacity of their new Medical Officer they both turned to look at him mouths open.

"You must of course be aware that I shall be reporting this to your superiors?" He continued.

"But sir, we were just descussing it, if anything we would only have tried it on the holodeck" the youngest of the two men started with a stutter "with safteys on of course."

The Vulcan pondered their words for barely a second before starting to speak again "Your experiment would not be accurate if you were aware of the safety's being switched on. To fulfill your experiment accurately you would have to have the safety's switched off. As your Cheif Medical Officer I must strongly advice against it."

Rolvek hadn't thought for a second that a human mind might not have thought through the "experiment" in quite as much detail. But he left the conversation there at returned to his table to begin his observations again.

He continued to sit and observe for almost an hour before he decided it was time to leave for the holodeck for a round of rock climbing, his chosen activity for physical exercise.


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