NCC - 86105
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Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 8:17am by Commander James Stevenson & Lieutenant Rolvek & Lieutenant JG Dhael t’Riuurren & Lieutenant Jonathan Westbrook & Lieutenant Eric O'Shea

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Captain's ready room, on route to Lappa 4
Timeline: Day 31 18:30

James sat at the head of the ready room table and like the rest of the seated executive officers had a pad with all the reports from the previous day in front of them.

“Ok, to start with, we’ll deal in facts and then speculate,” he said
“We have come across a D'Kora-class ship the Teelamy Cerms. According to records she was commissioned a month ago” James paused … “the crew who boarded her felt she was older and the engine logs show she had a thirty year refit, which makes her at least sixty years, almost at the end of her serviceable life.” James was always suspicious of time travel and he had heard of documented cases but was always a little sceptical, nevertheless he added “Scans and sensor sweeps found no temporal anomalies present.”

“The computer core is empty” he continued “so no clues there”. James again paused and looked out of the window seemingly searching for the answers “There was no other living soul and no damage on the ship, no sign of phaser or disruptor fire. There is a missing escape pod but scans of the area could not find any trace of this. The only things we have found are a neural whip in one of the crew quarters under a bed and the cargo of denatured alcohol was intact.” He then moved on to summarise the science and engineering reports.

“There were traces of an ion trail which led back to somewhere in the vicinity in the Antos 4 spaceport. The team worked out that she had been there for about five days, which means she started her journey on day twenty two of our mission, two days after we arrived. As for the engines they were in a sorry state as there had been some type of overload in the warp coils.”

James placed the pad on the table and looked at the assembled officers

“I’m open to ideas.”

Jonathan looked at his commanding officer.

"Has anyone on Ferenginar been of any help to you sir?" He folded his hands on the table in front of him. "I would think that since it's their ship, they would willingly share any information they have on the ship with us. I know the Ferengi aren't noted for cooperating with us when we need them too but.."

Rolvek was ready to make his analysis of the Ferengi heard:

"The Ferengi as a people are noted for cherishing material gain. They are unlikely to give up information without a tarriff." He noted "However we should be taking this into account when analysing the Teelamy Kermes. If they hold such treasure in material gain, it is only logical that they would also attempt to avoid material loss."

James nodded, Rolvek was right, which is why it was odd that it the 7 days the ship had been missing no one had appeared to try to find her. Also why abandon her, unless the crew had miss read the warp engine problem.

"Other than asking us to take the Teelamy Kermes to Lappa, they have not been in contact." James replied.

Eric scrubbed at his head, trying to focus. "All in all, it seems like a big distraction. Nothing life threatening, but we're off mission. Maybe I should take a flight to Coltar 4 just to make sure we're covering all of our bases."

"We should only be a week late and also I with Dhael's injury we'll need you if we have engineering problems." James replied

"Given the evidence, I wonder if this is not a false flag," Akelia said finally. "The ship we have cannot be a mere month old and I doubt that they would abandon ship without a distress call.

"But change names, signatures and delete information on the ship and give it the name of the new ship, a false flag, we now have a ghost ship that is free to raid or smuggle as it likes. That we found a neural whip and yet no signs of conflict supports this hypothesis."

James thought about this comment, however this brought him back to his first comment, where's the crew?

"If that was the case, why use an old ship?" he asked

"I don't know sir," Jonathan said. "we have precious little information to go on. Something doesn't add up here, but until we can get more information from the ship somehow, we'd only be speculating. Maybe our only recourse will be to turn the ship back over to the Ferengi and let them deal with it."

At the XO's mention of smuggling and raiders, Eric twitched a bit and waited a few beats after the Livingstone's Science officer spoke and took a couple beats to think. "Have we done a full scan to see if there's been any internal modifications? A Trojan horse seems a bit far fetched, but..." He spread his hands, letting the idea sit on the table before him.

Jonathan responded. "Well we've already ran a full scan of the ship, but we can certainly run another one if we need to. We're know what we're looking for, and if it's there, we'll find it."

Rolvek spoke up again "Sir if I may, this is quite clearly a Ferengi affair. I would suggest we follow our orders and focus our attention on our own mission. A scan may well give us more information. But it is not information we really require."

Eric glanced at the Vulcan, "Maybe it's a wild goose chase, I'll grant you that. But I've seen things like neutrarrium fields and dahssal screens, to even stasis pods with lassimar fogging set up to fool sensors." Eric shrugged, "I'm not arguing my point because I necessarily think I'm right. There's just nothing pointing at anything and that makes my teeth itch. Especially when I'm crawling around in the nether regions of that ship in the dark of night."

Looking around to the other officers, Eric again felt uncomfortably like he didn't belong here and sat back in his seat.

"Are you trying to suggest that we are sending the Ferengi, a ship with a danger onboard?" The Vulcan doctor enquiried.

"Captain," Jonathan said,"Eric has brought up a very interesting possibility. It could be a trojan horse. So why not run a detailed scan of the ship? I could run over the ship with our sensors, or you can send a crew over to the ship to look for the modifications. At the worst, we've wasted a couple of hours of our time. But if there is a trojan horse on board and we catch it, we may be preventing interstellar war with the Ferengi."

Although Dhael was seated around the table her mind was elsewhere; the encounter with the Vulcan Medical Officer had set her imagination on fire and reminded herself of the grassroots movement for Vulcan/Romulan reunification she followed so obsessively. However, she shook her head; “concentrate on the task at hand “she reminded herself sternly.

She had accosted Taxen earlier in the day and convinced the reluctant Ferengi there would be reward for her insight into the current situation with the Teelamy Cerms. After much negotiating Taxen slyly mentioned that the Commander and crew would be well to remember that the pursuit of profit at any cost was the guiding principle for all traditional Ferengi.

Dhael cleared her throat and said to the assembled officers, “the Ferengi know that they would be outgunned and outmanoeuvred by the Federation in any confrontation".

"I must concur with Lieutanant t'Riuurren, the ferengi will no doubt know that they are outgunned. However the Ferengi do have a thriving arms trade. It goes to reason that they could enhance their fire power." Rolvek spoke once more, as if it was anything to do with the doctors department.

James felt slightly unsettled by the way the conversation had gone. War between the Federation and the Ferengi? The Ferengi were not a warrior race in fact there culture did not celebrate any soldiers. “We have scanned and searched the ship, I appreciate there are several methods of concealing spaces however we have scanned the ship from serval angles not just by the Livingstone but by the fighters that were launched when we intercepted the ship. All so she was thoroughly searched“ He paused “She had limited power which would have prevented any of those cloaking devices from working.”

James stood, “We’re 2 days from Lappa, let's hope we find some answers there.”


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