NCC - 86105
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Arrival at Lappa

Posted on Tue Aug 29th, 2017 @ 9:29am by Commander James Stevenson

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Lappa 4 spaceport
Timeline: Day 33 11:23

The first thing that struck James was the vast size of the station. He had seen the giant Breen invasion force of Earth and he felt that this station alone could have supported it. The Livingstone’s database said that the Lappa 4 spaceport supported over 1 million people and a large amount of Ferengi businesses had their headquarters, manufacturing and shipping compounds here.

James felt the Livingstone slow and turn, “Were being directed to one of the inner arms for docking” The young ensign at the helm reported.
James nodded his approval, and sat back in his chair and watch for the next 10 minutes as the ship entered the giant shell to the inner station and then as the massive arms of the structure slowly drifted past the view screen. Until eventual they came to a halt and he felt the docking clamps latch on to the Livingstone.

“Docking successful” Came the growl from the Kilingon operations officer. “The Teelamy Cerms is in the next bay, sir”
“Message from the station, sir”
“On screen” James gave a curt order.

The screen switched at a middle aged and stout looking Ferengi. “I am Grand liquidator Travak of The Ferengi Commerce Authority, and station commander here” He paused for James to introduce himself.

“Commander James Stevenson, We have returned the Teelamy Cerms.”

Travak turned away as if reading something, “Ah yes” he said in a Ferengi drawl, turning back to the camera. “I have some questions regarding the disappearance and finding of this vessel. “ He paused
“How old would you say she was?” James froze for a second; this seemed an odd first question, why not asking about survivors or efforts to find them.

“She looks and our scans reveal about 60 years.”

The Grand liquidator nodded as if this information was crucial.

“I would like you to attend my office in an hour.” This final statement was said as an order.


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