NCC - 86105
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The Final Defense

Posted on Fri Sep 15th, 2017 @ 7:29pm by Lieutenant JG Dhael t’Riuurren

Mission: Livingstone Navigates the Great River


Location: Ferengi Court Room
Timeline: Day 36 10.00 am

Commander James Stevenson sat quietly behind the desk and watched as Grand liquidator Travak and the other 6 Ferengi filed into the room and sat behind their large desk. To James‘s right and on the other side of the room sat Kranog and his two companions.

“We are here to judge whether Commander Stevenson stole the Teelamy Cerms and that the Ferengi legal condition
called Plea Bargaining can be used, if so the contents of the USS Livingstone’s pod will be given to Gnapax Enterprizez as recompense”.

All the Ferengi in the room nodded their heads and sniggered.

James stood “All of this seems very extreme for some out of date tractor parts”, he said very deliberately.

One of the Ferengi jumped to his feet and shouted “The Human lies, their ship has Hydroponic technology on board.” He was then abruptly pulled to his seat by his companion.

They had fallen into the trap … James seized his opportunity …

“As you can see by the record’s I made available to the court”, James addressed the entire room, “The Livingstone’s Engineer and Medical officer found some skin samples from two Ferengi males in the pod’s filter.”

“They could belong to anyone” came the defensive reply from opposite desk.

“Yes” James replied, but when we investigated the DNA using electron resonance scanner and a bio-scanner, which is capable of analysing DNA, we were able to produce two images.” James pressed a button on his desk and two holographic images appeared in the centre of the court. They were very blurred, however it was possible to see that they were likenesses of the Kranogs’ accomplices.

“Also” James continued, “Once we had our security in place there were several attempts to steal from the pod, which was thwarted by the Teleport inhibitors.”

There was silence in the court. James had won a small victory, however, he still had much to prove surrounding the Teelamy Cerms.

“If you look at the picture that was provided at the first hearing,” He paused to give the liquidators time to view the picture, “You will notice that this is a different pod to the one currently attached to the Livingstone.”

There was a few seconds of silence as the court compared the images, then suddenly everyone began chattering at once … almost everyone … for Kranog sat staring at James. It dawned on James that Kranog had not realised this. In his haste to capture the pod Kranog had not thought about the subtle differences between the Sensor module and the Habituation module.

“The reason for this “James began, trying to hide the excitement from his voice, “Is that we were completing a patrol at this point and still had an advanced sensor pod on the Livingstone Ship.”

Kranog and his men were no longer silent they were muttering and James thought he even saw one of them mutter into his coat.

“My science officer reviewed the logs and found the following” He pressed a button on his desk again. This time a close up of the two Ferengi vessels leaving the space port appeared as a 3D hologram in the room, showing the escape pod leaving the Teelamy Cerms and being collected by the other ship before jumping to warp.

The liquidators turned to stare at Kranog. He stood, rather too arrogantly …

“A likely story,” He scoffed, “Do you know who owned the other vessel?”
“No I do not” replied James. Kranog relaxed although his companions did not, they were still muttering and gesturing towards James in an agitated manner.

James cleared his throat “I have the final part of my defence to present” and he began to type on the interface in front of him.

“At the co-ordinates I have just sent you Travak, there is a Starfleet com badge, if you teleport this and the structure it is attached to, this may help find out who owns the other ship.”

Travak leaned over to the Ferengi next to him and whispered in his ear.
Within seconds an escape pod materialised in the centre of the court room, the strange Ferengi lettering embossed on to the crafts side spelling out Teelamy Cerms.

Travak stood and pointed at Kranog, “The co-ordinates are from your compound.” He shouted. Kranod pressed something on his wrist and the three Ferengi began to dematerialise.

“Stop them,” Travak screamed at one of the liquidators, who was furiously typing onto his interface. Several seconds past before the liquidator said “Sorry, they got off the station and the three ships they teleported too went to warp before I could tractor them.

Travak turned and looked at James. “You are free to leave.” was all he said.


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