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Zambezi Squadron
by Commander James Stevenson 7 Months, 22 Hours ago ago

The USS Livingstone’s Starfighter squadron is named after the river on Earth that was first explored by David Livingstone in his exploration from Bechuanaland between 1851 and 1853.

Eric James O'Shea

Under the command of Lieutenant Eric O'Shea the Zambezi Squadron is made up of 2 Broadsword Multi-role Assault Fighters and 6 Razor Interceptors. Their primary duty is the protection of the USS Livingstone. Also half of the ships shuttles have also been seconded in to the squadron; this is to easy the communications when deploying the marine company.

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Razor Interceptor

Broadsword Multi-role Assault Fighters

The Squadron is at a constant state of readiness, with 2 fighters on standby, with a 30 second launch time and 2 in reserve they'll have 1 min launch and the rest with 5 minutes.

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USS Livingstone
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